Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh, Baby!

Sometime between late Sunday night and early Monday morning, Wee-Me decided to drop into the "go-position."

I swear it was the wierdest thing...I got up a billion times to pee on Sunday night/Monday morning and Wee-Me was always in the same spot, tucked up under my right rib with a little butt sticking out; then there was lots of wiggling early in the morning. When I finally sat up in bed to get up for the day, I could breathe easier, it wasn't such a chore to stand up and when I did stand up and looked down there was space between my boobs and my belly. I did a lot of internet research yesterday morning and most sites said around two weeks now. I have a drs apt on Thursday so I suppose I'll have a better idea after that. I have asked Wee-Me to mind the Mama and wait at least until Monday to make a grand debut since Emily and Jerad's wedding is on Saturday. We'll see...

On a side note, I talked to my own Mama yesterday and she told me that she and Sarah had gone to visit my Grandma. Mind you, I haven't seen my Grandma since November when I told her that I was pregnant and she told me, "It's about time." This from a 90-year old woman who has had a couple of minor strokes, broken a hip and wrist, has some dementia and really doesn't say that much. But she told my Mama during their visit that I was having a girl.

To say Uriah was over the moon would be an understatement. He has been convinced from the beginning that this is a girl baby and I have been just as convinced that it's a boy. He now thinks that his opinion has been confirmed and there's no reason for us to even think about boy names (we still haven't agreed on one).