Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On my mind today:

 I wish I had more for you...

But the truth is, this elongated winter that we are experiencing is truly taking a toll on my motivation, my cheery words and my ability to get things done in a timely manner.  Add to that the fact that I spent the past 6 weeks working temporarily in my hometown (well, 5 weeks really, there was a week break in there for a spring break trip to Kansas City) and this "spring that wasn't" has been exhausting.

So, to catch you (and me) up, here is where it's at - list style (my favorite):
  • Abby had a school dance, wherein she asked a boy to go with her.  It was big news in this house.
  • My mom bought her a dress and she wore heels (which she said were very uncomfortable, but that didn't stop her from wearing them).
  • I think it's safe to say she had a really good time.
  • I worked half a week for 5 weeks, 4 hours from home.
  • Finn and I bunked in with my parents - which was awesome.  
  • We left Uriah and Abby behind - which was not so awesome.
  • Abby had a list each week before I left of chores to accomplish, Uriah's work schedule, dinner menu, etc.  She did an awesome job of staying on top of what she had to get done.
  • She was so excited for me to leave - I think she had glamorous ideas of what it was going to mean for her (making dinner, taking care of the house, being a bit independent - the girl reads a lot and I think she imagined something much bigger than it turned out to be).
  • It didn't take long for her to start wishing for me to be back home to stay.  I guess it's nice to know I'm needed and useful, even if it is just to make dinner and empty the dishwasher nightly.
  • Finn went to daycare - and loved it (most days).  Some days he required a little extra nudge up the driveway.
  • I had anxiety attacks for a week (or maybe more) about how he would do listening to someone else and would he miss me and would he play nice and share and would he be okay in a house with a dog (he did not like dogs - they made him uncomfortable, now he's pretty much a fan).  I should have known he'd be fine.
  • The first day he could hardly wait to leave me.  The second day took some convincing.  The third day he cried.  And then he got used to the schedule.  A little clingy some mornings, couldn't get away from me fast enough others.  
  • Grandma and Grandpa took turns picking him up in the afternoon.
  • I am so grateful to have had them to help out with pick-ups and I know that they really loved the special one-on-one time they had with Finn before I got home.
  • I also love living at home - my sheets smelled like my childhood.  I could totally be that girl who lives at home forever.
  • Our trip to Kansas City fell at about the halfway point of my temporary job.
  • It was a nice break and we'd been looking forward to it all winter.
  • It snowed while we were in Kansas City and it did not feel like spring break at all.  I did not wear my flip-flops once.
  • We learned that this is a trip that cannot be done in one shot (10 hours is too long for any of us to be in the car).  We stayed overnight half-way both going down and coming back up.  We will always do that.
  • I made the small humans goody bags for the trip - little treats/things to do to break up the time spent in the car.  It was a decent first attempt; our next trip will have some changes.  Uriah was seriously sad I didn't make him one.
  • The kids got some extra cousin-play time with all of their cousins.  
  • I got some extra snuggle time with the baby.  So did Uriah...he held that baby more than I did!  
  • The grandparents got to spoil the kids.
  • Uriah and I got to have a morning to sneak back to our old neighborhood.
  • Due to the snow, my plans to hit up the Kansas City Zoo were waylaid (maybe a trip this summer is in order, although I'm quite sure it would be just me and the two small humans).
  • We went to Cabela's on our way through southern Minnesota instead, because it's like the zoo, except all of the animals are dead and stuffed and never, ever move.  Finn loved it.
  • I finished out my working stint last week and was sad to leave it, just as I really seemed to be getting into my groove and balancing work and life.
  • I am happy to not have the 4 hour commute twice a week, though.  My car is happy about that, too.
  • I've been waiting for spring and in the meantime eschewing all forms of spring cleaning (well, I did do one closet yesterday and put away most of the winter stuff.  And then it snowed 3 inches last night.  Can't a girl get a break?!).
  • I am anxious to get back into a really good walking routine.  I will even walk through puddles if I have to (and I can assure you, with the plethora of snow we have, melting will take some time and I will have to walk through puddles).
  • Luckily Mother's Day usually means a new pair of shoes for me.  After some soggy, soggy walks, I will need them in a month or so.
  • The weather forecast is for 60s next week...given the spring we've had, though, I will have to see it to believe it!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Robin

The snow swirls in hefty gusts,  
a cold bully in the middle of April.  
The old house rattles with the force of it.
Sharp, icy flakes tap out a taunting rhythm.

The robin sits huddled in the tree,
wishing - endlessly hoping - for spring.
I watch her tuck her head beneath her wing
and I wrap my arms tighter across my middle.

My wishes - my own hopes - echoing hers.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Virtual Motivation (guest post)

I'm guest-posting this week over at 100 Miles in 3 Months about virtual motivation...and visual motivation.  Check it out here!