Thursday, January 31, 2013

I love you like fat kids love cake {14 Days of Valentines}

I am kind of a lazy mom.  I like to do fun things for my small humans, but I sometimes mostly lack the follow-through to get it done.  I managed to pull off 24 days of Elf on the Shelf this past Christmas, thanks in part to the calendar I made when I was feeling really "Super-Mom-This-Is-Going-To-Be-SO-AWESOME-How-My-Kids-Will-Adore-Me" about it.  I lost steam half-way through but totally pulled it off for the big win at the end.  I'm classy like that.  And also, Uriah helped.

Last year I wanted to do 14 Days of Valentines, something small each morning when the kids woke up to let them know they are special and we love them.  They are special and we love them 365 days a year, but those days they get things like, dinner and, you know, electricity as tokens of our undying love for them.  Finn didn't get it last year (much like the our elf, Reginald VanWinkle this past Christmas) but it was fun for me and I've come to the realization lately that as long as whatever scheme I've cooked up for them is fun for me, I don't really care if they get the full meaning behind what I'm doing.  They will someday.  And then they will shout from the rooftops how great a childhood they had (now they're just annoyed that I make them shovel snow and pee in the potty, so I think that revelation of my awesomeness is a long way off.  I can wait.).

This year our 14 Days of Valentines theme (yes, there is a theme.  Martha Stweart is my Godmother.) is We Go Together like [fill in the blank here 14 times]...  and I must say, I think it's a genius move on my part.

Finn and I are headed to Duluth tomorrow because let's face it, it's already noon, so today is shot as far as heading into the big city goes, and I'm pretty sure most of what I want can't be procured at the ShopKo-Formerly-Pamida.  While I had this great idea a few weeks ago, I failed on the follow-through (big surprise) and now we are going to have scramble tomorrow to get our Valentine's printed and buy some stuff (like socks and underwear).

So even if our Valentine tomorrow shows up at dinner instead of breakfast, I'm happy and that's all that matters.  And 351 days of showing them love with running water will resume sooner than they think, anyway!

**EDIT:  My Dad emailed me earlier; I think he thought all those college dollars he spent were wasted money.  There are only 13 Valentines here because on Valentine's Day we go all Hallmark on our small humans and get them real, fancy cards.  I also get them a new shirt to wear on Valentine's Day - cheesy pink with hearts and sparkles and kitties and unicorns.  Finn's usually says "I love my Mommy," for obvious reasons.


  1. I LOVE idea....Mmmmm, now to scramble something together for at least tomorrow ;) As always, you are MY hero! LOVE your ideas H!

  2. So I think I get all but the stars and moon reference. What are they getting with that?

    1. I am making them Valentine pillowcases...heart fabric is on sale at Hancock Fabrics and I found instructions on Pinterest (it's actually super easy and cute; I used it to teach Abby to sew on the sewing machine last winter - I'll find it and post the link!).

  3. This is so great. I love this idea! I might steal it. I think I would just do a week though. You are too fun!