Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Abs is a poser. {You Capture | White}

I'm lucky Abby's dress and shoes for her first dance had white in them, because I was crap at picking up my camera last week.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I saw lots of white for the challenge - birch trees, birds, puffy clouds, fog on the lake.  It's just that every time I saw it, I did't have my camera handy.  

So...here's Abby's first dance instead. Not the actual dance, because parents showing up to the dance to take pictures would be total embarrassment and very lame. Instead I took some shots before the girls left - all giggly and excited and talking a mile a minute.

I'm not sure who's stellar idea it was to paint their nails while in their dresses, but I had to bite my tongue and hope that nobody spilled polish on her dress.  They were careful and no dresses were harmed in the making of pretty girls.

Abby can't take a picture without posing.  She's actually always been that way, so I've gotten used to having random shots of Abby looking like she's on a photo-shoot for Teen Vogue.

It was a super cute dress, though. so I can see why she'd be excited to wear it.  In fact, all of the girls put on their dresses pretty much the moment they got home from school.  I made them all put on an old shirt or a sweatshirt to eat dinner because their hair was done and they just could not be bothered to take off their dresses!  Gosh.  Aren't her shoes so cute?  It took her a little bit to convince me because heels equate to growing up in my book.  I mean, honestly, is there really anything more exciting or more definitive of growing up than getting a pair of heels?  I think not.

We all know how middle school and high school friendships can be - besties one second, arch nemesis-es the next.  She's got a pretty solid group of girlfriends, though.  All of them are polite and considerate and I would let her have any and all of these girls stay over again.  It's lovely to see that tween/teen girls can be nice to each other, supporting each other instead of being catty.  And having so much fun together.

It was fun to see friendships blossom, and to see glimpses of the young ladies that these girls are becomeing.

PhotobucketWant to see some more white?  Head over to I Should Be Folding Laundry (it's my favorite thing to do with a cup of coffee; there's so much talent out there!).

Next week's challenge: Easter/Pastels


  1. Just visiting from You Capture. What a sweet girl you have. I remember being so very, very excited to finally get heels. Definitely a rite of passage. Must be hard on mama, though. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Cute dress and cute post! I'm glad there was white in the dress and that the shoes were white because they made for some really fun pictures!

  3. Cute post! So funny that your daughter poses for all photos all the time. :)

    I remember the catty moments of high school well. I do not look forward to my daughter going through that at all...but hopefully she'll have a few solid friends to get her through the rough spots. Girls really can be so mean.

  4. Heather I'm so glad that Abby has made some great girlfriends in her new town. My best friend from middle school is still my best friend even though we went to different colleges and live in different states. I hope the same goes for Abs. Plus her dress is adorable. I would totally wear it. :)

  5. I'm visiting from You Capture. Very cute post! I love the dress! I do agree that the first pair of shoes is kinda like a right of passage. I begged and begged for mine. . .it took a LOT of begging (like years!) before I actually got my first pair. I did feel so grown the first time I wore them! I think my dad shed a tear or two that day! LOL!