Wednesday, February 8, 2012

14 Days of Valentines

 Last month I decided to do something little for the kids for the 14 days leading up to Valentine's Day and we are currently about half-way through 14 Days of Valentine's.  For once, I decided to do something that required some planning and forethought and I've managed to accomplish it!  Each morning the kids wake up to a small treat and a small Valentine - I created the cards and then had them printed them on wallet sized pictures at the Wals-Mart rather than buying a bunch of Valentine's.  Plus, this way I could created my Valentine's to compliment their's lost on Finneaus this year, but Abby gets it and she looks forward to each morning to see what we've left out for her.  

For the record, so far, I've only missed one day...not because I missed it, but because I forgot.  I guess that means that day 14 will be super special because they'll have double the Valentine's!

{February 1 | Donut Holes}
{Day 2 | Animal Crackers}
{February 3 | Stickers}
{February 4 | Goldfish Crackers}
{February 6 | Magazine for Abby, book for Finn}
{February 7 | Apple Juice boxes}
{February 8 | Pens for Abby, Crayons for Finn}

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